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March 3 is the national ?Ear Day?, this reporter learned from the medical, due to some unhealthy patterns, the incidence of sudden deafness keep younger men and women, urban white-collar workers into high-risk population. Now, on to see just what exactly your bad habits can damage ability to hear, experts advise, take good care of the two ears, hearing conservation have to start from the details.

Noise ear injury can not be ignored

Situation: before, Sand Hill, Skip Li Fengming to the doctor of Otorhinolaryngology, Xinqiao Infirmary, doctors told her family generally there next to a dry cleaning shop is a shop into the washing equipment may be growing older, six months, daily rest can be heard in the distance as soon as the ?buzzing? sound of the noise, in that case had a bad break, absolutely no symptoms of tinnitus from time to time, they go in order to hospital.

Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University Professor Yang Hua, home of Otolaryngology referee can have the noise limit on the average shall not surpass 60 decibels, and household appliances such as washing machines is from 60 to 80 db; refrigerator between 40 and 40 dB; TV Unit is 50 to 70 db sound level ? ? and 50 dB, people could well be difficulty falling asleep; sound stage more than 85 db, people can be hearing cell damage, in the event that people live permanently with 85 to 90 db associated with noise China will have ?noise ailment.?

Long-term living in a noisy surroundings will make people live, perform and study efficiency and reduce mental decline. Noise can also restrict the exchange of words, this kind of interference from the effect of noise on ability to hear, ranging from lower exchange overall performance, while in the language of the people experiencing damage. If long with out protection in strong sound environment to work and live, leaving the noise level of responsiveness will drop after the seeing and hearing, resulting in auditory fatigue.

Source: http://www.e-weightloss.biz/blood-pressure/ear-hearing-on-the-punishment-of-antibiotics-please-be-thorough-to-protect-hearing-loss-health-and-fitness-pharmaceutical-industries/

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